Customer Success Story: Ta Scotland


Ta Scotland is a tour operator offering guided tours all across Scotland. With three different brands, the services provided are wide and offered in three different languages (English, Spanish and Italian).  Their portfolio is made up of free tours in Edinburgh, guided visits to the castle, one day tours, multi day tours or even tickets to local attractions.

The Problem

Prior to PaxFlow, Ta Scotland we’re experiencing problems with managing their fleet, with many departures going each day, it was often difficult to organise the groups for different tours.

With tours operating in three different languages, it was paramount that customers were scheduled with ease to their booked tour. This was a complicated process that often required a lot of manual handling, time and work to do, which often meant that they were not always maximising the use of their resources. 

Another area that Ta Scotland wanted to improve was their employee scheduling, in particular, tracking the availability of their guides and making sure they had the overview required to assign upcoming tours. In addition to communicating with staff, the team also longed for a way to unify their communication with customers, in particular to mass mail upcoming customers with important information, or reminders. With no available option to do this quickly or easily, hours were spent to complete these administrative tasks.

The Solution

Using PaxFlow helped us to simplify the process of assignment of tours, guides, vehicles significantly. “It’s ability to integrate with our staff clock-in system and our main booking system allows us to unify all our key daily information. With PaxFlow we can check in advance which guides and resources are available, then assign them to upcoming departures”. 

The PaxFlow mass mailing feature also allows us to contact our customers in an easy way, saving us lots of admin time. Another key area that Ta Scotland wanted to improve was the ability to generate and access reports. “Using PaxFlow’s reporting tool has really helped us get the information we need, we can create custom reports and filter for the data we need, which help us with things like salary reports. As well as reporting, the “PaxFlow booking filters in the main passenger list, help our different departments to customise the view relevant to them”. We can also create filters, save them as “Magic Spells”, add an icon to identify bookings with this filter and then with a simple view, we can see straight away which customers have booked extras, or special assistance. 

Ta Scotland’s on the field operation was another area that improved using PaxFlow. “With the en route application, guides can use a tablet to check the customer list for their assigned departure, they can set each passenger as arrived or no show in real time. The en route application also offers our guides to check tour related information, procedures and even the option to take more bookings from customers.

The PaxFlow mass mailing feature also allows us to contact our customers in an easy way, saving us lots of admin time.”

Top Features

We asked Ta Scotland for their favourite features and this is what they said, “One of the top features is the possibility to pull real time information from our clock-in system into the PaxFlow fleet manager so that we can organise our vehicle assignments in a centralised and simple way”.

Next up was the en route application with the passenger list for guides, “It has saved us time and tons of paper, it is easy for the guides to use and the office has feedback in real time on the progress of the departure.


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