PaxFlow Ticket Scanner

Onboard passengers quickly with the PaxFlow ticket scanner. Supports all standard QR codes and barcodes on tickets booking platform, resellers and OTAs.

Effectively onboard passengers onto tours

Introducing the PaxFlow Ticket Scanner, our robust ticket scanner specifically designed for tour and activity operators. This tool allows for the quick and efficient onboarding of guests onto tours.

  • Scan any barcode or QR code
  • Supports reseller and OTA tickets
  • Reduce waite times
  • Enhance the overall experience
  • Track arrival status of guests
  • Mark remaining as no-show
  • Monitor no-show rates
  • Optimize onboarding

Ticket scanner for guides and drivers

The ticket scanner is optimised for mobile use making it extremely useful for guides, drivers or other dispatchers to onboard guest and passengers.

The mobile optimization allows for easy access to the scanner, allowing for quick and efficient ticket validation even in outdoor environments or while on the move.

Assign guests to vehicles during scanning process

The ability to assign passengers to vehicles or guides during the scanning process and move passengers between vehicles can greatly aid in managing groups and ensuring a smooth operation.

Save time on passenger lookup

Greatly reduce wait times and optimize the overall experience for your guests. No need to glans through passenger lists. Simply scan, verify and mark guest as arrived. Keep track of arrival status and no-show rates.

Automate messages to guests based on arrival status

  • Automate messages based on guests’ arrival status.
  • Send automated arrival confirmations to guests.
  • Automatically email or text passengers who are late or marked as no-show.
  • Offer rescheduling or rebooking to those unable to attend the tour.
  • Improve the overall customer experience.