The Customer Self Service Portal for Tour Operators

PaxFlow can be a very helpful tool in the current and unprecedented times of Covid-19. Today, Tour Operators need to be able to respond and adapt quicker than ever before. To do that, we must try to incorporate as much self service and automation into every day workflows.

PaxFlow’s customer self service portal is a very versatile tool and simple to configure once you’ve connected your booking system. With just a few clicks, operators can determine which products can be available in the self service portal and what permissions the customer has, like rescheduling, amending contact info or applying for a refund.

Once you’ve setup your customer self service portal, simply add to your website header or footer, navigation bars or outbound confirmation emails to make sure your customers know how to manage their bookings independently. Customers can manage their booking on their terms with lots of options some listed below:

  • Change their contact information (email address or phone number)
  • Have an overview of all their booked tour/s such as date, time, booked participants, pick up or meeting point information
  • The option to view their allotted meeting point or pick up location on a map
  • Download their ticket as a pdf
  • Reschedule the date or time of their booking (subject to availability)
  • Contact customer support directly from the customer self service portal with the request sent with all booking information pre-filled.

The customer self service portal serves as key part of reducing manual work for customer support and delighting your guests long before they arrive. In the digital age we live in, the need for self service is every growing. We all want to be more independent and manage our trips, purchases or plans on our terms.

Try out the Customer Self Service Portal with your free 30 day trial of PaxFlow. Set it up in minutes and save your team hours of manual work.

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