Fleet Management

Coordinate resources and inventory for tour operation with PaxFlow Fleet Manager.

Fleet Manager Highlights

Organise Your Fleet

Manage tour resources and organise your fleet by groups, types, locations and more.

Create Fleet Assignments

Schedule your fleet on tours, departures, pick-ups, maintenance or cleaning.


Get a clear overview of fleet utilisation and occupancy down to each fleet unit.

Manage a fleet of resources for tour operation

PaxFlow offers complete resource management for any type of activities. Manage tour resources like buses, vans, boats or helicopters to name a few. Organise your fleet by groups, types, locations and more. Manage schedules and assignments.

  • Organise fleet by groups & type
  • Create schedules for fleet
  • Assign on tours, pickups etc.
  • Block time for maintenance
  • Assign drivers and guides
  • View fleet utilisation report

Effectively plan resources and schedule employe shifts

Schedule resources well in advance and have a thought out plan in place for your departures. Assign fleet units on tours, departures, pickups, maintenance or cleaning. Create one-off assignments per resources or schedule repeated assignments into the future and have a clear overview of utilisation for a given period.

Assign guides, drivers and support staff to specific departures and field shifts. Automatically notify staff of new shifts and assignments. Display the upcoming schedules and have on display in the office where everyone can see.

Enroute Application for Drivers and Guides

Enable on the field staff to mark a passenger as a no show and send out a notification to the customer directly. With individual staff logins, drivers and guides can view important passenger info on the fly, take payments or cross sell products.

Track fleet location and tour progress

Track the location of your fleet on departing tours and share with your customers whilst they await pick up and keep the office informed with tour departure process. Monitor tour progress on map dashboards in the office.

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