PaxFlow for Day Tour Operators

PaxFlow helps streamline day tour operations and excursions with data based workflows and customer self service tools

Why day tour operators need PaxFlow

Manage resources

Assign day tour passengers to groups, vehicles, guides or other required resources.

Save time and effort

Give your customers their own space to view, manage or amend their booking details.

Departure management

Weather dependant departures require tools that enable quick and easy cancellation workflows.

Centralised Operation for Day Tour Operators

PaxFlow’s departure management and operational workflows can help to streamline your workflows from the moment of booking, to delivery of service.

  • Organise resources by types
  • Schedule resources for tours
  • Assign guides or other staff
  • Block time for maintenance
  • View work report for staff
  • View utilisation report

Resource management for day tours

Handle your day tour operations with ease, add your fleet, equipment and resources into PaxFlow and assign to upcoming departures.

Create repeating schedules for your resources and group them by type (bus, van, boat etc.). Easily mark a resource as unavailable when maintenance is due.

Have operational workflows in place to handle weather cancellations and unforeseen events

Let PaxFlow do the hard work when things don’t go according to plan. Send notifications to to passengers and staff when departures are updated or cancelled and offer customers to rebook the experience themselves. Enable customers to do it themselves and drastically save time of your booking agents.

Customer self-service portal for day tours

Did you know that 88% of customers expect companies to offer a self-service option when doing business. Furthermore 60% of people try self-service first before reaching out to an service agent.

Achieve true self-service and make life easier for you and your customers. Give your customers their own space to view, manage or amend their booking details. Full control of cut-off times and what changes are allowed.

More Features for Day Tour Managers

Departure Diary

Journal tour progress and noteworthy events into the departure log for better follow up.

Passenger Checkin on the go

Mobile optimised UI for crew and guides for passenger checkin, upselling and payments.

Mass mailing and CRM

Send important updates via mass mailing to crew and customers at any stage of the customer journey.

Some of our Integrations

PaxFlow connects the tools you need into a single management UI for tour operation.

PaxFlow is a valuable resource for us post-covid with handling cancellations and customers needing more flexibility.


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