Top 10 New Features in PaxFlow – Q2 Report 2023

We are excited to announce that several new features were released in PaxFlow during Q2. These features will help to improve user experience and streamline tour operations. The new features and improvements have been gradually rolled out over the last three months, and we are delighted to share top 10 highlights in our Q2 report.

Top 10 New PaxFlow Features in Q2 2023

#1 Private bookings and custom departures now supported for Bokun customers

Support for custom bookings and private departures has been implemented for customers with integrations with Bokun booking system. This new feature allows tour operators to have a complete overview of all departures and the ability to plan resources and staff on all tours.

#2 Employee scheduling with PaxFlow Shifts

Employee shift scheduling is now a core feature within PaxFlow for operation planning. Tour operators can now easily create and assign shifts to any user in PaxFlow without relying on a third-party integration. Employees can be assigned on tour shifts or to a custom location that can be created from within PaxFlow. PaxFlow can also sends shift reminders to staff via sms and email.

#3 Improvements to Shifts & Availabilities overview in PaxFlow

The user experience for the Shifts and availability overview table has been drastically improved by simplifying the user interface and giving it a default calendar layout. The preset shift and availability options have been streamlined by offering fewer but more comprehensive views and the advanced filtering options have been separated from the more basic filters.

#4 Departure Diary to keep track of departure updates

A Departure Diary has been introduced for departures in PaxFlow. This feature was previously only available for Northern Lights tours and has now been extended to support all tour types and departures. With the departure diary, tour operators can track and manage the operational status of tours and post announcements about operational disruptions to customers when delays or cancellations occur.

Departures can be cancelled and affected bookings can be opened up to be rescheduled by customers via self-service on PaxPortal. Tour operators can also control which customers are allowed to reschedule. Disruptions and cancellations can sbe announced to customers via direct mass-mailing within PaxFlow and internal announcements can be posted to communication channels for staff such as Slack and Workplace groups.

The departure diary is also useful for tour operators wanting to compensate customers that did not receive the expected experience and allow them to reschedule for a later date. This feature is widely used by tour operators that offer experiences such as Whale watching tours, Northern lights tours, Safaris to name a few.

#5 Email Template Improvements

Support for custom reply-to addresses have been added for email templates. A default reply-to address can be set in Mailing settings which can be overwritten with a custom value in email templates. This option allows for communication with customers to be directed straight to a specific email address or a CMR system.

#6 Phonebook Entries for PaxFlow Users

The phonebook has been improved to allow entries from PaxFlow users as well as custom entries for partners and important contacts. The phonebook allows staff members to easily contact each other improving communication and collaboration both within tour operator teams and with external partners.

#7 Waiver Request Signing Status visible on Pax Lists

PaxFlow now supports an integration with Waiverforever, an excellent and comprehensive waiver signing solution from a Canadian SaaS provider. One or more waiver templates can be linked with each tour product and waiver requests are then generated for all bookings for passengers to sign. Tour operators can monitor the status of waiver signing directly from the passenger list overview in PaxFlow. Travellers can access the waivers on PaxPortal and complete the signing online in good time before arrival, making sure that everything is ready and customer is good to go before the tour starts.

#8 PaxFlow Enroute Major improvements

We have made big improvements to the user experience in the PaxFlow Enroute application. There are major updates available on the home screen, including tour titles in departure lists which previously only showed tour codes and the option to see more than just todays tours by allowing users to navigate to see next and/or previous dates.

An other major improvement is to allow tour operators to configure whether to allow users to login to PaxFlow Enroute with their username and password, more suitable on personal mobile devices, or use the user PINs which are more suitable for shared devices i.e. tablets in vehicles.

#9 Report issues in PaxFlow and share your feedback

We have added a handy issue reporting tool into PaxFlow for users to share feedback and report issues directly to our development team. The reporting tool enables PaxFlow users to share screenshots of current page and allows users to add annotations to highlight areas on the page that need attention. The report will also automatically include information about the operating system, browser version and screen resolution of the user, which are all important information to share with the development team in order to debug an issue.

#10 Several Performance & Security Improvements

One of the most significant updates is the performance improvements, which have drastically reduced the loading time for passenger lists. Customers with multiple custom filters applied to passengers list were experiencing sometimes slow loading times that have be drastically improved. We also implemented a few security improvements including improvements to access rules in PaxFlow User administration UIs.

These new features and improvements reflect PaxFlow’s commitment to providing tour and activity operators with a comprehensive operation management system that improves the user experience while making operations more efficient.

If you are interested in learning more about PaxFlow, you can install a free trial and give it a try. Please reach out during your trial and let us know what you think. We would love to get your feedback on how we can improve it even further.

You are also welcome to book a meeting with us for a chat and demo of PaxFlow if you’d like to know more.

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