PaxFlow 2021 highlights

2021 was an exciting year for PaxFlow with our team working hard on making PaxFlow more easily accessible to tour operators around the world. We have continued to improve the product by building on top of our most popular features like the customer self-service portal and our resource manager and introduced some exciting new features such as PaxPortal.  

UI Improvements

We started the year by focusing on UI improvements and made drastic changes to our login and onboarding experience to help customers get started with PaxFlow. We introduced a new menu system and improved the organisation of data on the platform during the first half of 2021. These changes were the starting phase of modularising PaxFlow better to allow customers to install and adapt to the platform in a more modular way than previously was possible.  

Here you will find a list of the most important feature highlights from 2021.

Launch on the Bokun Appstore

Our biggest achievement in 2021 was launching PaxFlow as one of the first partner Apps on the Bokun Appstore back in April 2021. That was followed up soon after with the launch of PaxPortal in June, a standalone customer self-service portal for tour operators. 

We are stoked to have both PaxFlow and PaxPortal available for all premium Bokun customers via the Bokun Appstore. It makes it easier for tour operators to install and configure the initial setup of PaxFlow by inheriting some important settings from the booking platform. The solution is also more accessible by having it directly available from within the booking platform.  

PaxPortal new features and improvements

Continuous improvements of PaxPortal were our biggest focus for second half of 2021. Several new features were introduced to make the lives of tour operators and of their customers easier. We added the option for cancellation requests to be requested by customers on PaxPortal, an automatic email confirmation when user reschedules bookings, and a usage report in which you can see the logins to your PaxPortal for the selected date range. We’ve been working on even more changes and improvements that we aim to release in a new beta version of PaxPortal in Q1 of 2022.

Thanks for the amazing feedback

We are truly thankful for all the incredibly positive and constructive feedback we have received from our customers over the past year that we aim to listen to and use to improve PaxFlow even further in 2022.

There are a lot more exciting things to come and we care deeply about building practical and effective tools for tour operators to help with and optimise daily operations. We look forward to having more amazing conversations with you about how we can continue to improve PaxFlow.  

Soffia Thordardottir
PaxFlow Product Manager
Reykjavik, 24th of January 2022

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