PaxFlow Timeline 2021

PaxFlow Highlights & Milestones of 2021

2021 was an exciting year for PaxFlow with our team working hard on making PaxFlow more easily accessible to tour operators around the world.

Highlights of our biggest product updates in 2021

We are truly thankful for all the incredibly positive and constructive feedback we have received from our customers over the past year and we aim to use it to further improve PaxFlow in 2022.

January – March

  • Infrastructure updates and migration to Google Cloud Platform.
  • New login page and signup wizard implemented for PaxFlow.
  • Improvements to custom reports. Reports can now be based on start date, booking date and cancellation date. Custom reports can also be exported as a CSV file.
  • Various improvements to connections to 3rd party APIs including Bokun API v2.


  • Launched PaxFlow as one of the first partner Apps on the Bokun Appstore.


  • We introduced a new main navigation menu and improved the organisation of data on the platform. We renamed product modules like customer portal to PaxPortal and Fleet Manager to Resource manager.
  • We also created a new settings section for PaxFlow and added access to subscription portal for PaxFlow subscriptions where customers can download invoices and easily manage billing info.


  • PaxPortal went live as a standalone customer self-service portal on the Bókun App Store. Tour operators can now install PaxPortal to get their very own, ready-to-use customer portal where customers can manage their bookings online.
  • We added several new features to PaxPortal including support for cancellation requests and automatic confirmation emails when customers reschedule bookings on PaxPortal. Tour operators have full control of the email template that is sent to customers.
  • We also added automatic email to be sent out to passengers when they are marked as “No show” on the Enroute App.

July – August

  • PaxFlow branding had a face lift over the summer and in August we went from Blue to Pink! We got a new logo, fresh new brand assets and launched a website for PaxFlow. We are super proud of our pink identity. Jibby!
  • We improved the passenger list in PaxFlow with a better overview of ticket types for each booking. We now display a breakdown of the following ticket types in a booking: Children, Infants, Seniors, Students, Teens, Military and Other categories in different colours.
  • We improved the internal search in PaxFlow so that it is now easier to find 3rd party integrations. Users can now search for them in the main search from any screen in PaxFlow.


  • Continued to improve connections to 3rd party APIs.
  • We added a report in “Departures” which lists cancelled departures for the selected date range.
  • We added a PaxPortal usage report in the “Reports” section where you can see the logins to your PaxPortal for the selected date range.
  • New users are now automatically notified by email when their account is created.
  • We shortened the workflow of creating multiple new bookings for existing customers.


  • Various improvements to shifts and assignments for PaxFlow users including new shift notification email sent when assigning a staff member to a departure. You can now automatically send a notification email to the assignee.
  • We also implemented a new shifts overview table for the PaxFlow user to highlight shifts and which tours are assigned to which guide/driver etc.
  • A new feature was introduced to our TV dashboards. It is now possible to create a sequence and a rotation of several dashboards to display on one TV screen. Ideal for big TV monitors in the office to keep track on all operations with PaxFlow Reports or 3rd party data via any URL.


  • Continuous improvements to PaxPortal settings for PaxFlow customers. Company Logo used in PaxPortal can now be updated in admin settings.
  • We enhanced the booking cancellation interface in PaxFlow by improving the UI to the booking info display. We added relevant timestamps of when a cancellation request was made by a customer and timestamps of actions taken by staff.
  • For all incoming cancellation requests from PaxPortal, we have included a link to view the booking in the connected booking system, to make it easier and faster to process.

Looking forward to an even bigger 2022!

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